Company Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Our commitment to Health & Safety is based on the fundamental right for our staff to be safe in the workplace.

Together we strive to work on accident prevention, injury protection and promotion of the health, safety, and welfare of all workers. It includes the initiative to eliminate or minimise all incidents orrisksthat could result in personal injury or damage to property. To do this, we have implemented a structured Health and Safety Programme, which is continually assessed and updated.

To keep the workplace safe, we must all follow safe work practices and reduce any risk on own work environment. It is the responsibility of all workers to:

  • Look after their own and other people’s safety.
  • Fix or report any unsafe seen conditions or work practices; and accurately report any incidents within 24 hours

In meeting this commitment, all managers are responsible for providing the necessary resources, time, coaching/mentoring, and training to ensure our workers are skilled and equipped to keep themselves and others safe in the workplace. To achieve this, we have the following objectives:

  • Provide a safe place to work including safety equipment and materials.
  • Provide appropriate induction, training and supervision;
  • Prevent injury of ill health;
  • Proactively identify risks and unsafe behaviours and eliminate or minimise them;
  • Monitor workplaces and workers health, especially those who work in high-risk areas oractivities;
  • Provide occupational rehabilitation assistance and support the safe and early return to work;
  • Assess and recognise the health and safety performance of employees;
  • Require our contractors to demonstrate the same commitment in health and safety performance;
  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and industry standards;
  • Review, maintain and continually improve our Health and Safety Programme; and
  • Establish and maintain initiatives for workers consultation and participation.

Quality Policy

Maxion Group has established a company-wide culture dedicated to providing the highest quality services.

Our team is committed to their work and has a strong level of technical expertise to craft a superior range of services that achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Maxion Group is totally committed to providing projects that meet the highest industry standards and will continuously improve its Company Management Manual, planning and implementing the changes that may be necessary.

Our company processes are backed by a dedicated program of continuous improvement, guided by the Tender Manager.

Our quality principles are:

  • Services must conform with all contractual requirements specified by the customer.
  • Services must align with the relevant technical standards and statutory regulations; and Costumer’s satisfaction must be on focus continuously.

Maxion Group count on employees’ full support to this policy and the commitment to providing services that meet or exceed the expectations and needs of our customers.

Compliance with the requirements of the Company Management Manual is mandatory for every Maxion Group employee.

This policy is reviewed and evaluated on an annual basis.

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy and objectives aim the reduction of the immediate impact of our activities on the environment.

We are committed to the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, and to do so, will comply with any legal obligations and continuously improve this Company Management Manual.

Maxion Group will promote an environmentally responsible mindset throughout the company and make sure to considerate the environmental impacts in every activity and decision.

In alignment with our Strategic Plan, we have set some environmental objectives showing commitments to sustainable use of resources as:

  • Promoting environmentally friendly services.
  • Considering environmental issues while planning projects or developing programmes; and
  • Educating and motivating employees to support our environmental policy – promoting awareness since induction.

Maxion Group expectsfrom employeesto consider the environmental impact of their decisions and encouragethem to conserve energy and water, and to minimise consumption when possible.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Maxion Group is committed to providing a safe workplace for all workers – including the responsibility of providing a working environment free from the effects of drugs and alcohol.

A person under the influence of drugs or alcohol constitutes a health and safety risk to all other persons in the workplace.

All individuals working at Maxion Group are expected to report fit for duty for scheduled work and be able to perform assigned duties safely without any limitations due to the use or after-effects of alcohol, illicit drugs, non-prescription drugs, or prescribed medications or any other substance.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure that the workers can work in an environment free of alcohol and drug use or abuse and show responsibility and commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all workers.
  • Ensure that the workers do not have a level of drugs on their body that exceeds the Australian/New
  • Zealand Standard AS/NZ 4308:2008 ‘Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantification of drugs or abuse of urine’, or any levels in equivalent updates to that legislation;
  • Raise awareness on the adverse effects that involvement with alcohol or drugs can have in the workplace and accomplish the goal of alcohol and drug-free work environment.
  • Provide an opportunity to workers with a substance use problem to get well rather than provide grounds to terminate the employment; and
  • To emphasise zero tolerance for workers who arrive at work underthe influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose ability to work is impaired in any way by the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or who consume alcohol or drugs on the premises.